Enhance Your Home or Business with Stone Accent Walls

There's nothing like the beauty of natural stone when it comes to adding color, texture, detail, and interest to a room.

There are more options and ways to use stone in your interior design than ever before. As an accent wall, stone veneer tiles make a beautiful statement that captures attention, creating a backdrop and a focal point for your room. Frymoyer Stone Fabrication & Supply is an Authorized Dealer of    products including glass mosiacs, natural stone panels, ceramic/porcelain tiles, natural stone tiles, tempered tiles, large format tiles, and reclaimed  wood. 

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Ideas for using natural stone and reclaimed wood accent walls in your home:

TV Backdrop - Making the wall behind the television an accent wall adds depth and interest to the room. A stone accent gives this focal point a more polished look.

Modern Bathroom - For centuries, durable and beautiful natural stone has been used as a classic material for bathroom surfaces. The subtle texture and sparkle of thin veneer stone inside the shower an on the opposite wall adds depth and interest to a modern design.

Wine Cellar - Wine cellars have a romantic nuance that sparks a lot of interest. A stacked stone accent wall gives a nod to the subterranean stone wine cellar of old. Pair with clean lines and a modern aesthetic.

Lit Bathroom Wall - When stacked stone panels are used on an accent wall, the different pieces add complexity to the motif. Strategically placed lights highlight this effect, casting shadows in the stone and bringing depth and interest to the room.

Wrapped Wall - Wrap a large or thick wall that divides two rooms in natural stone veneer panels to create a dynamic look. A wall inset with bookshelves adds function and depth. Near a window, it adds contrast to the room.

Dual Textures - Dual textures of two materials add even more interest to a room. Light and dark tones complement a color scheme.

Double Accents - Add balance to a room's design by splitting up your accent. This unifies a room and creates a cohesive design.



For centuries builders, designers, and decorators have incorporated natural stone into home design. It is one of the most fundamental building materials and will never go out of style. From ultra-modern to rugged rustic, natural stone is suitable for any decorating design. Stone adds color, texture, and dimension to the space.